Your Roadmap to Moving for a Job Offer

Your Roadmap to Moving for a Job Offer

This article includes step-by-step instructions for professionals who intend to relocate for the sake of their careers.

Perhaps you’re unhappy with the limited job opportunities in your city, and you’ve decided to seek employment elsewhere. After receiving a job offer in a new city, you’ve decided to go for it! With a little support from Hana Hyams, you can close on a home you love in your new area. Plus, these tips will help you make a plan for the upcoming weeks as you go through the moving process.

Spruce Up Your Resume

What if you haven’t landed a job in the city where you’re hoping to move yet? Take some time to revise your resume to ensure that you’re putting your best foot forward. You can use a resume builder that provides free templates to ensure that your resume looks polished and organized. Just pick your favorite from the template library - they’re all designed by job-hunting experts! Next, add the content and photos you need.

In addition to updating your resume, make sure that you’re staying active on platforms like LinkedIn, and let any contacts in your dream city know that you’re job hunting. Sometimes, finding a job is all about who you know!

Create a To-Do List

Trying to move without a concrete, organized plan can pose some problems. Create a list including everything you need to take care of for your move, from decluttering to packing to hooking up utilities at your new home. Your to-do list should also include budget estimations for different tasks, like hiring movers, buying essential items for your new home, and gas for the drive out.

Choose the Perfect Location

Before starting your home search, choose a real estate agent who can provide you with local expertise and help you find the perfect neighborhood in your new city. You’ll want to find an area with good school districts, a safe environment, and affordable prices that are in line with your new salary.

Pack Up Your Current Home

You’ve made a successful offer on a new house, and now, it’s time to say goodbye to your current home! But first, you need to pack up. Martha Stewart recommends starting the packing process early - depending on the size of your home and family, you may need a full month to get everything in boxes.

Pick a Moving Company

Next, you’ll need to hire a moving company - trying to move on your own is hard enough, but it’s just too much pressure when you’re also preparing to start a new job. If you have room in your budget, you can find a company that also offers packing services.

Finding the right moving company will take some legwork. Pangea Real Estate recommends comparing price quotes from several companies and ensuring that the company you prefer has an active license.

Take Time to De-stress

You’ve made it to your new home! Once you’ve unpacked the essentials, you’ve earned the right to reward yourself with some self-care time. Roll out your yoga mat in your new living room, hook up your TV to watch your favorite show, or simply check out a cool local restaurant and treat yourself. If you’d like to decorate your new home, but you just don’t have the energy, you could invest in interior design services!

Moving somewhere new for a job opportunity can be nerve-wracking. But chances are, you’re making a decision that will greatly benefit you and your family in the future. By following these steps, you’ll be able to get settled comfortably in your new city before your first day at work.

Need to find a new home after getting a job offer far away? Hana Hyams can help you get the keys! Email us today at hana@clarksvillerealestatepro.com to start house hunting.

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